FAQ's - Alloy Engineers
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I have hit a kerb and caused damage can you help?

Yes, we can, we carry out a full inspection of your wheels and can advise what repairs are needed before carrying out any work. Once you are happy with our quote we will strip your wheels to the original base alloy, repair any damage, prime them and then finish in a colour of your choice with a final coat of lacquer.


How Long does it take to refurbish a full set of wheels?

We work on a 2-3 working day turnaround in general, with work being completed as quickly as 48 hours. This all depends on the extent of the damage to your wheels and the repairs that are needed.


Is work guaranteed?

All of our work is guaranteed against flaking and bubbling for 2 years, the specialist alloy powders we use are specifically designed for use on Alloy wheels. They are very hardwearing and will protect your wheels against the elements. Unfortunately, we cannot guarantee against subsequent kerb damage.


Is it cheaper to have a full set of wheels refurbished?

Yes, it is much cheaper per wheel to have a full set of wheels refurbished. On average you will save 20% on the individual wheel price.


My car is leased can I have my wheels refurbished?

Yes, you can, most lease agreements allow full refurbishment of your wheels as long as they meet manufacturers specification. All of our refurbishment is carried out to the highest standard possible. We will always advise if a wheel is beyond repair.


Will refurbishment add value to my car?

No it won’t, but if you are looking to sell your car, having your wheels repaired and refurbished will help you to sell it quicker.


Will refurbishment save me money?

Absolutely yes, especially if your wheels are showing signs of corrosion. Once corrosion sets in, it significantly weakens the structure of your wheels and if left will eventually make replacement necessary. The cost of replacement starts at £400 for a new alloy wheel and can be as much £2000 for a single wheel.


I am a classic car enthusiast what other services can help me?

Yes, we can help with your restoration project by restoring components and powder coating them. No two projects are ever the same, so ring the workshop or call in to discuss your project with our friendly and knowledgeable team.


We are also developing a range of workshops and summer schools for enthusiasts who want to learn new skills and find out more about restoration and powder coating.


Do you only repair wheels?

No, we are a full service operation and can offer a range of options this includes: wet and dry blasting, chemical dipping, powder coating to components such as motorcycle frames and suspension systems. In fact, we can powder coat anything made from metal that can withstand 225 degrees centigrade. Our oven is 4 metres in length so can accommodate items such as roller shutter doors, railings and gates. If in doubt call us today with details of your requirements.

If you would like to send us a message or request further information please get in touch with us